1. UNO4 Travel Services (the distributor) and Customer (the customer) undersigned hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.
  2. The distributor shall provide to the customer and customer shall acquire travel related services.
  3. This customer contract is with the distributor only and not with the provider of the Travel Services. The distributor has obtained the rights to provide services to its customers from the provider.
  4. The relationship between the distributor and its customers are contractual relations to whom the Provider is not a party, and it shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of distributor towards its customers.
Warranties and indemnification
  1. Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless both distributor and provider from any liability for any but not limited to claims, losses, expense, or injury arising out of the said sevices. Not with standing, it is agreed by customer that distributor and provider do not warrant nor will be held liable or responsible for:
Term of Contract
  1. Customer is deemed under contract and is bound by this agreement from the time customer order is placed with distributor or any of its agents until the final dates of service and final payment made. Departure from Israel does not end the terms of this agreement.
Rates, Deposits and Billing Practices
  1. Customer shall provide a valid credit card as part of the application process or by other means and herby authorizes distributor to use that credit card or any subsequent credit cards obtained in accordance with this rental agreement.
  2. Distributor shall be authorized to charge the provided credit card as follows:
    1. All fixed fees including but not limited to full daily fees, setup fees for services, shipping, club membership fees, one time service fees at the fulfillment of the order.
    2. At close of service, a final charge shall be computed for but not limited to all unbilled charges, late fees, damage, return shipping, and any other charges as part of this service agreement and billed to the credit card on file.
  3. Refund Policy: Distrbutor shall agree to refund customer for any part of service for which a valid cancellation of service is provided in writing to or or by receiving a verbal confirmation number from distributor customer service. Refund shall not include any minimum charges or portion of used services. Refunds will be made to the charged credit card unless card no longer is valid, at which point a check will be issued to the application within 3 business days.
  4. Customer shall be billed by and shall pay to distributor said bill in accordance with this agreement and it is herby agreed to by the parties that:
    1. All taxes and fees relating to the services, and shall be added to the customer invoice and charged to the authorized credit card.
    2. The distributor may increase its charges at any time without prior notice, but will seek to provide the customer with reasonable notice of such changes.
  5. The customer is obligated to pay to the distributor
    1. whether or not the customer is the user of the service or whether the services are actually used; for all fees, shipping, membership or any other authorized charges.
    2. For all service and it is assumed that all services are accepted unless customer specifies otherwise in writing either on the application/ rental agreement or separate correspondence.
  6. Notwithstanding the requirement of credit cards or other payment terms herein, distributor reserves the right to collect from customer all monies owed by any means available by law. Default, Breach, Right to Cancel
  7. The customer shall be deemed in breach of this contract from the moment it violates any part of this agreement. Breach of contract shall never remove customer’s obligations under this contract. Customer shall remain in full obligation even if deemed in breach until such obligations have been satisfied to the distributor in full.
  8. At its own discretion the distributor reserves the right without notice to the customer to cancel the service and disconnect service for any reason, including possible fraud. If the customer fails to make payment, violates or is in breach of any part of this agreement, service can be terminated without notice. After any disconnect, applicable reconnect fees will apply.
  9. At the distributors discretion it may choose to settle accounts or issue courtesy credits or allow for payment plans. Distributor reserves the right to rescind these offers or credits if and when the customer does not meet the agreed terms of the credits, payment plans or settlements. Privacy
  10. The customer waives all privacy rights regarding all information retained by the company and distributor concerning the use of the phone, including but not limited to the calls, Internet, other telecommunications services and payments by the customer. The distributor or company may use this information in any database it chooses and for the purposes of, but not limited to, locating a customer, collections and locating missing phones. Please see our privacy for web site privacy policies. Governing Laws and Statement of Jurisdiction
  11. Customer agrees to be bound by and to the jurisdiction of the courts of Kings County in New York and herby agrees to have said court preside over all matters of collection and dispute in connection with this agreement. Uno4 reserves the right at it's discretion to seek the jurisdiction of other courts if and when it sees it fit to do so. Customer relinquishes any rights to other jurisdiction regardless of customer role in the dispute.
  12. In the even in which any legal action is deemed required at the sole discretion of the distributor, customer shall pay to the distributor for all expenses including but not limited to attorney's fees, court costs, and collection costs incurred by the distributor for any action to enforce any of its rights under this agreement.
  13. When it should be found that any part of this agreement shall be in conflict with any laws this agreement is herby adjusted to fit with the law with as little change to the terms as deemed appropriate by the courts.
  14. No challenges to the legality any one part of this agreement shall in anyway alter the remainder of this agreement or its enforceability.
  15. The headers of this agreement are in now way definitions or interpretations and are in place for the sole purpose of organization.
Subject to change. Please read carefully.