Before your trip to Israel, make sure you're covered with travel protection
Medical Coverage
Medical emergencies can happen any time, anywhere. Israel is no exception
Many people don't realize how expensive medical care can be away from home, especially in a foreign country. most believe that their home health insurance policies cover them when they travel overseas. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. Without proper insurance, a long-planned trip or study abroad can turn into an extremely costly and frustrating experience. Plus with Mediguard when an emergency occurs you are connected 24/7 to our representative who will send a doctor to you or guide you to the nearest location for treatment

Trip Cancellation
    Travel is expensive, once you've paid your deposit or full payment, what will happen if -
    • You cancel your trip because you or your family member or travel companion gets sick, injured or dies?
    • Airlines will not reimburse you for the cancelled trip.
    • Mediguard can provide up to $2,000 of that cost per insured if you must interrupt your trip for any covered reasons.

Baggage Loss
Your baggage and personal possessions can be lost, stolen or damaged anytime, anywhere in the world. 24-hour baggage insurance is important as airlines only provide limited protection for your checked baggage. Hotels offer little or no coverage. Homeowners or renters insurance may provide limited benefits or have a high deductible. Baggage insurance is offered From the moment you leave your house to the airport until you return home we offer coverage of up to $1500.
And it's only $4.99 per day!
"We hope you don't need us... but you might"